The Ramblings of a Fly Fisherman

The Adams

This fly doesn’t really need any kind of introduction.  The Adams Fly was created by Leonard Halladay in 1922.  The history behind how the fly was created is very interesting as many variations of the story exists accounting for both the name and the conception of the fly itself.  Some believe that the fly was actually designed by a man named Charles F. Adams stating that he described the fly to Leonard based on his observations at a local Mayfield pond.  Others state that Leonard himself designed the pattern and it was named the “Adams” due to the fact that Charles Adams was the first to catch a fish on it.    Tom Deschaine actually does a great job recounting the history behind the fly in his article “The Adams: History Revisited by Tom Deschaine” – Here is a link to the article - The Adams: History Revisited

I first learned how to tie this pattern in a fly tying class that I took with Charlie Craven over at Charlie’s Flybox.  It is an easy tie and it catches fish.  What more can you really ask for in a pattern?  I have fished this pattern in 10 different states now and in many different situations….  Keep a few of these in your fly box!
Hook – TMC 100 Size 16
Thread – Black 8/0
Tail – Mix of Brown and Grizzly Hackle
Wings – Grizzly Hen Tips
Body – Super Fine in Gray
Hackle - Brown and Grizzly Hackle (1 each)