The Ramblings of a Fly Fisherman

Fly Fishing Evergreen Reservoir

Evergreen Reservoir has always been a fun location to fish for me.  It’s only about 30 minutes from the house, it’s well stocked, and there are no gas power boats allowed!  The only problem with the location is the street noise that can sometimes become excessive and the volume of shore fishing that can be witnessed on the weekends.   The easy solution to these issues is to fish the reservoir from a boat.  Launching a boat quickly gives you access to a lot of fishing real-estate not easily reached from shore.  Soon after you launch, you will often find yourself hooked into some nice trout which in turn replaces the background distractions with the excitement of a tight line.

Yesterday was no exception.  The day was warm and the wind was moderate.  We got lucky in that we didn’t spend a great deal of time experimenting with various patterns before we started catching trout.   We tied on a bugger and using a sinking line, started stripping it around the many underwater structures that can be found in the lake.  PAY DIRT!  We caught 8 nice fish (12 to 14 inches) in only a few hours. 

Fly Tying With Charlie Craven

I finished fly tying classes with Charlie a few weeks ago; however, I am just getting around to posting my thoughts about my time spent there in the shop.  Honestly, I couldn’t say enough good things about the experience.  Classes were well thought out, fun, and did an excellent job at building a good skillset and a strong foundation.  When I first signed up, I thought that I might get a little bored as I had already worked my way through most of his first book. This was not the case at all.  I find now that I have taken the class, the book provides a good outline of his tying techniques, but the class fills in all of the holes or gaps in the training.  There are lot of tips and tricks that Charlie discusses and demonstrates that will bring your tying skills to the next level.  I would recommend this class to anyone that is serious about tying great flies.

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Fly Fishing Clear Creek

Connor and I took off up to Clear Creek Sunday around 11:00am.  Fishing was a little slow at first as I only brought three to the net during the first few hours, one on a prince and the others on a jujubaetis.  However, after 3:00pm, everything began to change.  The temperature dropped a little which inevitably triggered a nice hatch of mayflies.  It was at this time the surface of the river came alive.  Trout ranging from 10 to 12 inches began to rise consistently taking both adults and emergers from the slower pools of the river.  I strapped on a parachute adams and proceeded to cast into the madness.  We were not disappointed.  In only two hours Connor and I had landed about 15.  It was a fun day…   Just a light wind and we had the river all to ourselves.