The Ramblings of a Fly Fisherman

Accessibility and the Fishing Experience

Something that I have started to notice when fly fishing here in Colorado is the correlation between site accessibility and the fishing experience. I typically have better luck in areas that are either farther away from Denver or more difficult to get to either due to hiking requirements or the need for a 4X4. Fly fishing, in general, has grown in popularity over the years. This popularity has degraded the experience somewhat in that being able to enjoy the solitude of the sport has become increasingly diminished. If this is what you prefer, you will need to find more remote locations or make an effort to visit your closer destinations during the week. You will also notice that in order to catch larger numbers of wild fish, this same rule applies as many easily accessible locations often require stocking due to the fishing pressure that is or was experienced there. We have a lot of “catch and release” locations available to us, and this has been a huge help, but again I sometimes find myself fighting for elbow room.


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