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Fly Fishing in Idaho

Fly fishing in Idaho was fantastic! We spent much of our time on the Cour d’Alene and St. Joe Rivers targeting bull and cutthroat trout… We were not disappointed. This time of year, the streams were running very clear making the approach challenging at first, however; we decided to focus our efforts on the riffles and faster water making larger patterns more effective. This also aided in hiding our presence in the water. In both locations, there was a  TON of casting room giving me the opportunity to work on more complex styles such as feathering and the double haul. Flies that seemed to produce well were hoppers and orange stimulators. I also occasionally trailed a pheasant tail which really did the trick during the warmer hours of the day.

Our guide, Adam, made a few great recommendations that could easily be applied to any stream or river.

1. When you are unsure of your pattern and the fish are showing obvious signs of feeding behavior, fish it in choppy or faster water as the trout will often strike without being too selective.

2. When casting, try to mend your line before it reaches the water’s surface. This will aid in a longer more consistent fly presentation.

3. Practice the double haul and get good at it! It will increase your range, accuracy and your spot availability. This could mean the difference between catching or just fishing.

Nice Cutthroat on the St. Joe River

My First Cutthroat


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