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Boulder Creek 8/29/2010

Alyssa and I visited Boulder Creek today. It is my first trip to this river and honestly, I wish I had taken the time to fish there much sooner than today. While the trout are not very large (8 to 13 inches), they are plentiful and willing to attack larger patterns with a vengeance. I was fishing a Charlie Boy Hopper and a Flashback Pheasant Tail, both of which I spun up just a few days ago. I would say that the fish split their attention equally among those flies today making the strikes both fun and unexpected. In general, this area is all about pocket water fishing. The casting can be a bit technical, but if you are willing to risk the heavier cover, you will find some hungry trout hanging around the pools just next to downfall and larger boulders. While I did fish with my 5WT 9FT, I would actually recommend a 3WT 8FT or shorter as this will lower your risk of entanglement with the various cover that lines the river bank.

Fly Fishing Boulder Creek


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