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Idle Hands and Homebrew!

Well, tonight I was attempting to restock my fly boxes with one of my favorite patterns, the pheasant tail nymph.  I started as I normally do, tying the traditional recipes and then slowly moving into minor variations that included alternate hooks, wire, beads and of course flashbacks.  It was then that I saw some potential.  I began incorporating some of the epoxy techniques that I learned just a few weeks ago while tying the jujubaetis and applied that idea to the pheasant tail wing case.  What materialized was a flashback variation unlike any that I have tied before.  The flashback feature really jumps out on this pattern.  Hopefully, the trout will be as excited about this fly as I was when I was tying it.
The New and Improved Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph

They look even better lined up in my fly box!

After that, there was no stopping me.  I kept experimenting with epoxy, hook sizes and types, dubbing, etc…  You name it!  What was created at last, with just a few scraps that I would have normally tossed in the trash, was something that I really feel good about.  What once was a simple nymph pattern has now been exposed to a few hours of homebrew, idle hands, and what can only be described as the equivalent of concentrated gamma radiation.  She will have a test run this season.  Let’s see what the trout think!
The Hulk!


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