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Fly Fishing The Taylor River

This was my first time on the Taylor River. This time of year, the most productive fishing area was right near the dam in what the locals called the “pig trough”. The fish here are big and there are lots of them. My friend Tom and I fished Saturday. The winds were a bit high and the temperature was in the mid-40s with a water temperature of about 39 degrees. We caught a few nice ones (15 to 18 inches) on mysis and hooked up with a few larger trout that liked to break off quickly and swim away laughing. The only real complaint that I had about the area was the crowds and the lack of fishing etiquette. It was elbow to elbow for most of the day with many guys having no issue dropping in right on top of you and attempting to cast into the same run, presumably between each of your casts… annoying! I had a few words with one guy that came down and stood less than 4 feet from me, yet he seemed confused as to why I had an issue with it. Next time, I will certainly plan to be there on a weekday so I can avoid those types of issues. Overall, it was a productive day as we caught about 10 trout between the two of us. I look forward to this summer as I have already booked a camping trip on the Taylor for July. Oh yeah, those camp days will be during the week...

Here are a few pictures of the trout we caught that day -


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