The Ramblings of a Fly Fisherman

Clear Creek and Tenkara

I took the Tenkara rods out this past weekend and tried my luck on Clear Creek.  I also decided to play around with the new GoPro camera that I picked up off Amazon just to see how much fun it might be to start documenting my fly fishing trips via video.  Needless to say, it was fun. 

Maybe you don’t want to necessarily record your trips in HD, however; it will always be a good idea to keep a running log of your experience.  Keeping track of the day you were there, weather conditions, water temperature, flow rate, what flies you used, your line configuration, etc…  will really pave the way to becoming an expert on that water.  Imagine fishing this year, but having a resource at your fingertips that recounts what was attempted on that river during the same conditions last year.  What worked well?  What didn’t work at all?  While your buddies are digging through their fly boxes guessing, you would already be a step ahead and midway through your fifth cast.


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