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Gross Reservoir This Weekend

I spent some time today canoeing and fishing Gross Reservoir located just outside Boulder, Colorado. This is a great location for trout, especially right now due to the high flows that we are seeing in many of the “main stream” fly fishing destinations around Denver. Right now, the fish are biting well, and appear to be feeding primarily around the bottom on various patterns including the flash-back pheasant tail and the prince nymph. I did get a few vigorous strikes on the surface, but this was seldom and not what I would have considered to be a real producer. The inlet is fishing the best and while it will be tempting to exclusively nymph in this area, the subsurface boulders and logs will make that technique frustrating as you will spend most of your time hung up on snags. I recommend tying a dry-dropper with a larger stimulator at the surface and running your nymph about 24 inches below that. This is not my typical configuration, but between the three of us that fished today, we caught 12 in just a few hours.

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