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High Water Everywhere!

I am sure that a lot of us are patiently waiting for the runoff conditions to subside so that the rivers will clear and the water levels will return to their normal conditions. I feel your pain. We have a lot of runoff currently due to the fact that many snow areas have receded a little faster than originally predicted. I visited the Blue around Silverthorn last weekend thinking that I was going to be challenged by a few nice browns in that water. Unfortunately, I was surprised by how fast the water was moving. In fact, it was moving so quickly, that rafting companies were actually launching guided trips right near the outlets in the middle of town… I had not seen them that far up before. Due to some of the seasonal limitations, I cannot stress to you enough about the importance of checking the flow reports. If I had done that, I would have saved myself a trip and fished the Thompson instead as its flow was pretty fish-worthy.

I will be in Ft. Collins this weekend possibly fishing the Cache La Poudre. Flow reports indicate that waters are a little high in areas, but this river has a few nice streams that should be very fishable. I’ll keep you posted.

USGS Flow Reports for Colorado


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