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Another 11 Mile Canyon Trip

We visited 11 Mile Canyon this weekend with the hopes of catching some large trout and enjoying a nice day in the great outdoors. As always, the area did not disappoint us. There wasn’t one cloud in the sky, the fishing was moderate, but fun, and the canyon was somewhat vacant due to the fact that most campers started to head home Monday morning. I did find it strange that I managed to hook a white sucker fish in the river, as this is the first time that I have done that in all my trips to 11 Mile. What makes it even stranger is that I did it twice and with a caddis larva pattern fishing rougher water… Overall, we caught about 12 fish. Nymphing typically is the best method to fish this river, but with the later season and the increased vegetation, I actually recommend running a dry-dropper configuration. This will allow you to run a sub-surface pattern, but without the constant need to clean your flies as you will certainly experience if attempting to nymph in most parts of the river. I ran a Charlie Boy Hopper and a pheasant tail most of the day and found it to be very successful.

An Overview of 11 Mile Canyon

White Sucker Fish


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