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The Big Thompson

Alyssa, Matt and I visited the Big Thompson in order to take advantage of a great flow rate and excellent fishing report.  This area proved to be a solid producer and yielded 16 nice trout ranging from 8 to 13 inches.  I started using a wide range of midge and nymph patterns, but finally settled on a pheasant tail and zebra midge as these seemed to provide the best results.  I also caught a few on a Charlie Boy Hopper, but given the time of year and high temperatures near Estes Park, this wasn’t really too big of a surprise.  Much of the fishing was strictly pocket water, but there were some deeper runs that provided access to a number of hungry browns.  I recommend starting around 9:30am and fishing until 2:00pm as this time frame seemed to be the most active of the day.
Nice Brown, Nice Corner Mouth Hook-Set!


Ryan said...

Very nice trout. Thanks for sharing.

the Average Joe Fisherman

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