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The Stimulator

This is probably one of the most popular patterns to fish, especially for those out there that are new to fly fishing. Stimulator patterns offer a wide variety of advantages. They are easy to spot and follow after the cast. They mimic a wide variety of insects including hoppers, large caddis, and adult stone flies. They also have enough bulk and floating capability to enable the fisherman to attach nearly any small to medium size dropper nymph. While I have gotten a fair number of hits on the pattern itself, I have found that it actually serves a better purpose… as a stimulator (hence the name). By fishing this fly , you have the ability to alter a trout’s fishing lane bring him closer to the subsurface nymph or midge that is a better match to the natural food that he may be feeding on.

For those reading this that feel this pattern is too complicated to tie for a novice. The one pictured is actually only my second attempt. It is reasonably simple, especially if you have been reading Charlie Craven’s book!

The Stimulator


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