The Ramblings of a Fly Fisherman

The baetis are among us!

Clear Creek is looking very good. So good in fact that it was hard not to rush back home, grab the fly rod, and head back out into the wild. Instead, I decided to take a few water samples and explore the micro-chasm that governs the type of fly fishing day that we will all have in the area. This is really my first time doing this so early in the season and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this time of year.

After reviewing my water samples, I can attest that the baetis are among us! I took eight small water samples total. Together, the baetis numbered over 100 with the only variation being size and not species. Based on what I was able to collect, I would recommend hook sizes between 20 and 16 with brown and olive variations being the focus.

Baetis Bicaudatus


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