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Fly Fishing Eldorado Canyon

The weather could not have been better today.  There was a light wind, the sun was out, and it was finally too warm to wear even a thin jacket.  Due to these conditions, the fam and I decided to check out Eldorado Canyon State Park today as we have only mildly used our yearly park pass and we wanted to do anything but stay indoors on such a nice day.  After arriving at the visitor’s center, I started to take a walk near the stream’s edge in order to look for surface activity and to get an idea of the current water conditions.  While I did not see any trout slurping the surface, I did see many jetting in and out of the small currents no doubt feasting on a variety of midges, presumably baetis this time of year.  Needless to say, out came the fly rod!  At first I attempted to nymph, but soon realized that there was just too much muck on the bottom to make this an effective approach.  I switched to a dry-dropper running a small mosquito pattern at the surface and a jujubaetis at the rear about 12 inches down.  This quickly provided some action.  Nothing was too large today, not surprisingly,   but it was nice to be back on the river again after a long winter huddled over my vise at the tying bench.  Game on!


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